Annual cleaning and proper storage maximizes the life of your canopy. It also maintains the vinyl appearance and slows down wear and tear caused by factors like dirt, mildew, and gulls. It is common as canopies age to have the seams rip (the thread eventually becomes rotten), tear, develop holes, or shrink. In most cases these issues are repairable to get more life out of the vinyl.

Often during the removal and cleaning process we find canopy vinyl in need of repair; usually seam repair from rotten thread and hardware missing or damaged. You will be notified of the damage to decide what course of action you want to take.

Due to the varying age and quality of canopy vinyl we cannot guarantee vinyl wearing through or getting holes during the cleaning process. In the event of cleaning damage due to vinyl quality/age, we will contact you to discuss repair or replacement options. Timber Creek is not responsible for normal wear and tear to your vinyl at any time.

Cleaning/Storage less than 14' $75
Cleaning/Storage less than 26' $95
Cleaning/Storage greater than 26'/extra soiled $125
ShoreMaster and Porta Lift Canopies** $125

  **Due to the type of fabric and location of attaching hardware on the ShoreMaster and Porta Lift Brand canopies, they are more prone to developing holes during our standard cleaning process. Consequently canopies have to be cleaned by hand.