Hi Kate-

We just love our new dock set-up!  We are so appreciative of Ben's suggestion for 6' x 8' sections - they made a great new usable area on our dock.

Pass our thanks to Ben - you do great work!

Enjoy the summer,

Long Lake

Ben & Everyone at Timber Creek-

Thank you very much for the wonderful customer service & responsiveness to our dock needs at our log cabin on Belle Taine.  We love the new dock & your customer service is amazing and a wonderful treat!

Thanks again,

John & Ann
Lake Belle Taine

Dear Ben & Kate,

Thank you!

It's great doing business with a company that's friendly, honest and has outstanding customer service.  The Pier Pleasure dock and boat lifts you helped us pick out are fantastic; they look nice, are a good value and built tough enough to stand up to just about anything.

I also wanted to mention the installation crew you sent out to the cabin... To call them professional would be an understatement.  They were quick, friendly and efficient.  They even took time after the installation to show me how to use and care for our new equipment.

The whole process was so customer focused that I will have no problem recommending Timber Creek Dock and Lift Service to all of our friends and neighbors at the lake.

Thanks again,

Big Sand Lake

If your looking for a lift and dock installer plus removal that provides great service, no hassle, and fair prices - try Timber Creek Dock and Lift Service. Professionally done, on time, and by a great crew of people are their strengths. I also recommend their lift cover cleaning and storage. Try them, you won't be disappointed.

Potato Lake

I was in the market for a new dock and annual dock/lift service and after talking with many companies, came across Timber Creek.

My good experience started with owner Ben Tande going out of his way to meet me one weekend.  We planned the seasonal removal of my lift and talked about the potential replacement/upgrade of my dock the following spring. 

Ben gave me a pretty detailed walk-through of features/benefits, fit and finish, durability, cost and manufacturer reputation.  He was not pushy at all, gave honest opinions on layout and placement planning, and dock surface material selection.  I was very appreciative of the amount of time and depth of information Ben shared with me.

Ben and his team removed my lift and dock a few weekends later.  He was flexible with timing, reasonable on price, was on time and respectful -- that goes a long way with me.

I did take the winter to do more research on dock brands/features/layouts for what would end up being a significant investment the following spring.  I wanted to get something special that my family would enjoy for decades.  I believe that "you get what you pay for", but I didn't want to overpay either.  I went to the boat show and met with everyone and got prices from everyone.

I felt like an informed buyer (thanks mostly to Ben's information/advice the previous year).  Every manufacture and rep has their opinion on features/geometry/materials etc., and each comes with a price.  I ended up selecting Pier Pleasure, not because anyone "sold" it to me, but because of the homework I did ahead of time with Ben, and how the features/benefits matched our needs.

I chose Timber Creek for the purchase and annual service because of Ben's help in the selection process, reasonable pricing, and because he was respectful of our needs/purchase timing/budget.

Ben and his team delivered the dock and put in my lift last spring.  The manufacturer was unable to ship a custom section of dock on time for a weekend we were planning, which would have meant not having a dock that weekend (and an unhappy wife and kids!).  Even though this wasn't Timber Creek's problem/fault, Ben went out of his way to work with the manufacturer on getting a section to use for that weekend, then came back with the custom section and reinstalled the dock the following week when it was delivered.  This cemented my belief in Ben and in Timber Creek.

Icing on the cake: mid summer, a storm blew one of the cup holders on the dock into the lake, and it was lost -- Ben made a special trip to bring a replacement the following weekend.

I did my homework on manufacturers/design/materials, etc., and am very happy with the Pier Pleasure product line -- however, what made the experience great/personal was Ben and the team at Timber Creek.  Ben worked hard at helping us stay within reason on our budget and taking advantage of manufacturer rebates, he was low pressure and respectful of our selection process/timing, he was respectful in working through the details and his team was great to work with during the seasonal service.

Lake Belle Taine