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Perfect for your shoreline

Timber Creek carries many different dock and lift options to fit your shoreline requirements, budget, and what might make your spouse happy.

We have over 15 years of experience servicing lake-shore equipment in the Heartland Lakes area!  This gives us the upper-hand to help properly fit and design a dock and lift layout to work with your needs.


Docks are not “one size fits all”, each lake-shore owner’s situation may be better suited by a specific design or feature of one brand over another.

Timber Creek carries a variety of brands including Shore Station, Pier Pleasure, Beach King, and Wave Armor so you can have dock customized to perfectly to fit your shoreline and recreational uses.  As you start to think about your situation on your own, consider the following:

Roll-in Dock: Best for a hard bottom, a level or gradual lot and plenty of storage room in your yard or beach.

Sectional: The most versatile style; Sectional dock systems work well in most circumstances.  Most sectional systems use shorter frames to make them lighter and easier to remove or install.  They are also stack-able so they require less storage room than other dock systems.

Floating: The best option in extreme conditions; frequent or significant water fluctuations, muddy bottom, or deep water. In some protected conditions, floating docks can be left in the water all year around and save significant seasonal install/removal costs.


When choosing the right lift, you will need to know the weight and width of your boat as well as the size of the motor.

When the right lift model is determined, your preferences and our understanding of your shoreline and how you intend to use the lift will drive the accessories and brands we recommend; we will help you choose the style, motor, bunks, guides, accessories, canopy length and material.


We may also have high quality, pre-owned dock and lift options, however used inventory is very quick to change.  Visit our lot to see what we currently have available.

Timber Creek Partners

To learn more about the brands we carry, click the company’s logo you are interested in below.

Our indoor and outdoor displays showcase each of the manufacturers we carry.  Stop in to visit so we can help you find the dock and/or lift to better enjoy your time at the lake!